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Mar 20, 2008
thats good to hear, I talked to cap a while back and he didint hear from him (raw), i said simken should come up to canada, but I think im the only one that even knows who simken heights is in canada LOL
good newz mane :)
same here because my neighbor put me on to there music and they got some good albums but i wanna hear another Cap-1 solo i think he has one coming not to sure but need to talk to my neighbor
Dec 8, 2006
5150XO Entertainment - The Free Scrillion Capone Mixtape (Pueblo Colorado)
Featuring Kase Luciano, Cyko LOc, OG Wedo, Bam Bam, Lil D Loco, Lil E, and Scrillion Capone himself before he was arrested on murder charges. Released 2007

Cyko Loc - Pueblos Own Home grown (Pueblo Colorado)
Featuring OG Wedo, Kase Luciano, Crooked Loc, Mag 44, Droop Dogg, Big Chiccy Loc, Stavel and Ken Dogg. Recorded and released lat 90's i belive

Divine Hustle - Certified Takeover (Pueblo Colorado)
Featuring Frontlyne. Released 2005

Kase Luciano - The Raw and Uncut EP (Pueblo Colorado)
Featuring Mag 44, Cyko Loc and Chossen Flow. Released 2006 or 2007

A-Town Clicc - Mile High Bomb (Denver Colorado)

The Mile High Hustle - Compilation (Denver Colorado)
Featuring Arapahoe Trues, Killa Tay, Spice 1, Julox and others

5150XO Entertainment Presents - Lo Towns Finest (Pueblo Colorado)

Arapahoe Trues - Original Rhythm Hard Core Hip Hop (Denver Colorado)

Bluedrop & Thug One - Thug Parlay ( Denver Colorado)