RBL, Luniz, Richie Rich, Celly Cel and 4tay

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Aug 17, 2002
It was dope. I was disappointed Luniz and Richie Rich did not show up but Above the Law and Badazz were there so that's not a bad lineup at all. Celly and 4Tay were dope. Most people were there for RBL. Small fight broke out at one point in the crowd but security took care of it real quick. It was dope because Black C didn't stop during the fight he just kept going, don't remember which song he was on though. I'm glad i came across the flyer on social media. my guess is they ddidn't really promote the thing outside of Santa Ana. which is kind of a surprise because the promoters seem to have the resources (clothing, promo vans, posters, etc)


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Apr 14, 2006
sound like a dope show...they need some more shows like that up this way...they always havin some weak ass shows in san jose, wit one headliner and hella wack rappers.
Aug 17, 2002
it trips me out at the bay rappers have to get to santa ana to get promotion and a turn out. nikatina packs the observatory in santa ana and he does it as the headliner.

someone told me the luniz didnt show because they got more $ to go somewhere else. so these shows are happening but they are not being promoted very well because no one knows about them.
May 16, 2002
4-Tay didn't age well, though. I know there is more to that story, but the man is seriously looking unhealthy. He needs to get some help. Those that are around him should be real and get him the help he needs.

I don't want to read about how close some of these people are and how "100" he kept it and how solid / loyal they remained with 4-Tay. They need to do all that now and get the man some help before it's too late.