R.I.P Southerncomfort

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Jan 29, 2006
Soco was such a good dude man, we would hit each other up all the time through text just bullshitting about random stuff going on on sicc, facebook, life etc., he was solid as fuck and we had a lot in common with each other.

He was a lot like me and we were on the same level about a lot of shit.

Rob (nine2five) and I didn't get a chance to link up with him when we went up to Portland though I really wish we could have, he told us all the dope spots to visit etc.

Damn man he was solid dude taken way too young man. This is real ass loss for the family friends and his homies on the sicc.

RIP to that dude, thorncity ill be praying for yall man, your bro was a cool ass dude and im sure you know that.