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  • Your brother seemed like a real down to earth type of dude. So sorry for your loss man. I can't even imagine. My prayers go out to you and your fam.
    damn, man. i'm so sorry to hear about chris. my deepest condolences go out to you and your family. i'm doing a painting for him, and i still think he should still somehow receive it. please pm me an address so i can send it over.
    He got some infection through out his body and it made liver and kidneys stop working and he had a blood clot in his heart
    damn, man...well i'm glad he's off life support, and i'm gonna keep him as well as your family in my prayers. please refresh my memory, what was wrong with him, if i may ask?
    He's actually off life support now but still sick as hell. Thanks for asking man I really appreciate it
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