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Sicc OG
May 17, 2002
So im finally copping ne a PS4Pro tomorrow. My moms homegirl works at walmart,and since they made her work thanksgiving she gets her normal 15% discount and an additional 10% discount for 1 day this year. So im going to give her the bread and have her get me a ps4pro, madden17, nba2k17, battlefield1 and Fallout 4 along with a PSPlus 1year membership and an extra control. I might say fuck the extra control for now and get a headset so i can cliwn with you fuckers. But all together the shit i want is like $700 bucks and I just got two checks from our wonderful settlement thread in open forum for a total of $137 and,with the 25% off, the PS4Pro, 4 Games, 1 year online membership and a control is only gonna be like $400!!!!!!!! I cant pass that deal up. So soon as I get all hooked up and up and running ill come thriugh and drop my tag on here so we can all get down on some games. I wrote down all the names in this thread so Ill add a bunch of you. Its been like 2 or 3 years,since Ive had a gaming system so im fucking pumped to get back into gaming, especially online with the brehgooniez!!!!! Lemme know what ganes yall r currently playing and if there is something I should pick up besides the titles i pisted and ill try n do it. I know i gotta get GTA5 so i might say fuck the madden or nba and grab that. But yeah brehs IM FINNA BE BACK AT IT LIKE I NEVA LEFT!
May 13, 2002
Lol no one really plays chree can't afford a new game 20sixx says he will be buying a game for like 8 months cash still on PS3
lol man I'm still waiting for Battlefield to get here. I ordered it though.

My other problem is my internet connection would drop occasionally, kicking me out of online games which was annoying so I was sticking to single player for the most part.

Eventually I set up my ps4 through Wi-Fi hot-spot on my phone and that shit was perfectly stable.

Some faggot shit happened though the other day - after an Android update, they removed the ability to edit the APN settings, so now the free hot-spot workaround/trick isn't working and I cannot find another alternative. T-Mobile only allows a certain limit of hotspot beforehand they drastically restrict it, so I dunno now. I can use my home network but it's been spotty.