Pac- 12 Football

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Apr 25, 2002
I don't think they have the contenders at the top of the league that they have in years past (Oregon, Stanford). It especially hurts that Stanford took a second loss and USC never materialized. Nice to see Oregon rebound from a shitty season.
Dec 4, 2011
USC really needs stability. yeah it would of been nice to get a big name but helton has been at USC for 6 years first came in under kiffin i think he could be a very good head coach but he has to get his own staff in.

i think what USC fans should be worried about is if they keep justin wilcox as DC. hes way to conservative and is known for letting teams stick around. he came with sark from washington so i hope helton lets him go after the season. Helton is not making that much money so they can spend that extra money on really good assistant coaches but there is always the fear pat hadden will find a way to fuck it all up.

tonight game should be really good. Stanford is playing great and USC is a different team under helton.