Ova East (Awax & Bandz) - Dope By The Gate

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Jul 16, 2015
Gmebe bandz iz dope i actuallg discovered his shit in that interview about slim jesus n drill music... Bandz iz from Titanic i guess a branch off black p stones, chicago shit is soms of my fav music and how wax started fuckin with him, prolly cuz thsy some undercover jews controlling the media. Lol nah but their camp has some other dope artists, check em out, "time" is one of my favorites frm them.

And if u think about it, if u clownin like its "o their just white dudes" type of shit, nah, this is real nigga shit... u can tell fake white dudss from "if its a group of niggaz, then the white dude proly the one not to fuck wit" type shit