OT: Cognito Launches New Website & Teaser for New LP In Stores 10/25/11

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Jul 14, 2004
This 8 barz slaps first time i really been in here and always hear its a hater convention. I can see why. I street team for a few labels and just started working with cognitos promo guy in sac about this spoiled milk album. the promo plan sounds dope his tour plan sounds dope and merch designs look real dope. didnt know him till tech but i dont get all the hate. wtf? Im a hip hop head and enjoy his shit. not saying EVERY songs a huge hit but fuk, half the artists that the haters on this site like are garbage ass rappers with no topics and no depth at all. thats why strange musics as succesful as they are. most of their artists talk about shit. they aint just grabin they nuts actin tuff. they puttin in work. this trailer looks very promising. and from the looks of cognitos track record some major players in the game seem to always fuk wit him so he must be doing something right. half these rappers aint made it out they hood and this whiteboy from the bay been signed wit master p and tech n9ne ect. he a worker. his crew been nice as shit and i look forward to makin shit happen with them.