Need help with an MP3 cutter/slicer

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Aug 12, 2002
I'm looking for an easy to use program that lets me cut up mp3's, and take different parts of songs/clips, and join them together. I d/l one, but it won't recognize any mp3's. I know nothing about doing this, so anything helps.

Also, I'd need to use one that can utilize mp3's from youtube.

And yes, I tried google. Don't delete my shit, Mark.
Aug 12, 2002
Anyone able to help me...(yes, I've tried ''teh google''...)

I'm using this program (Audacity), and it works fine, except I'm not able to convert any of these to mp3.

Here's what it says:

Audacity needs the file lame_enc.dll to create mp3's.

How do I get this done?

Thanks in advance.

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Lakota Sioux
Jun 12, 2004
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Sounds like an easy question. do I do that?

< New to this. Obviously.
Go to audacitys preferences, then file formats and then hit find library. Then you can choose the folder you downloaded lame_enc.dll to, and open it.

Usually, audacity will ask you to locate the lame.dll as soon as you try to import or export a file as mp3, but the above is the manual way to do it.

If that dosen't work, you might have a corrupt lame.dll, let me know if you need it and i'll throw a link up.