My motivation in the rap game...

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Jul 17, 2005
LIL C.S. said:
First I want to say thanks to all the Ghetto World supporters, especially the ones that still mention me, cuz I haven't put out any music since 2003 (even though the dvd came out last year). But just an explanation for ya'll is that first and foremost I'm in the game to have a successful business, and make money off my talent and creativity, and I don't put out nothin' new until after I double or triple my money. And what I mean by that is, that my sole motivation is not just to blow up, cuz if it was I would've took a different route. I would've put out mixtapes, paid for radio (way bacc when Ghetto Classics was out, up until now), and traveled more, but all of that takes money, and takes away from makin' a profit. I have had fans ask me why I haven't put out any mixtapes, cuz mixtapes for me cost money to make just like a real album would, and I'd rather put out a real album and double or triple my money, but I know the more you stay in the public's ears and eyes the more your buzz grows, cuz whoever puts out the newest shit that's who's in the public's mouths!!! But if your main goal is to blow up, and take losses now, and get money later (if you blow up??? and the chances aren't the good nowadays, but that's the gamble most artist take, and it seems the gamble is only payin' off in the South) that's your choice, and that's most artist motivation, but I ain't really trippin' like that. I know it's kind of my fault that my buzz ain't bigger, but my two business bank accounts are! And on my son, I ain't really trippin'.

The way I see it, you have two choices in the rap game. Either you gamble on tryin' to blow up, and spend a gang of money on advertising, radio, promotions, features, production, touring etc, and not worrying about if you're gonna make your money bac, but just hope you blow up, and get a million dollar deal from the exposure, which is like a million to 1 odds, or

You run your business like a real business, and stay regional (and IF you blow up cool), and make a profit off of your work. BUT you're not going to make enough money to pay for your living expenses, if you're smart you'll keep your job/hustle to live off of, and stacc and save or invest your music money into somethin' (such as real estate where you're gauranteed to make money), and be satisfied with that. Get official. Get shit in your name, and build your credit up, and with this choice your whole purpose in life is just not to blow up. I hate to see a lot of rappers 10 yrs from now. I don't know what some of them niggaz gon' do when this rap shit is over, and they didn't get rich off of it, but most rappers only think about now, instead of the future. I think we're going to be hearing stories about semi-popular rappers 10 yrs from now doin' some crazy shit, and be like dam that nigga so and so is through. Mark my words.

But there's your two choices of motivation. Which one would you choose if you were an artist, or are an artist?
Word This some real shit.