My baby brother died tonight

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Apr 25, 2002
I still can't believe this. R.I.P. to one of my closest friends on here. I don't come around here much these days, but we kept in touch regularly. He was JUST sending my family and I well wishes as we are going through a difficult time. He was always there for support. He was family to me man. I'm really sorry Dana, prayers to you, your family and Keoni. I keep thinking about Keoni. :(

Hood Rat Matt

aka Goodfella (since '02)
Oct 19, 2009
East Oakland (Hills)
I said it in the other thread, whether you liked the guy or not, you have to respect a guy who always tells it like it is. He had no filter and a "what you see is what you get" quality about him that you rarely see these days. A real man's man and from what I could tell, the best dad/brother/son/friend anyone could ask for