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Oct 25, 2007
there's people that need rap to feel smart and people that don't.

i'm smart all day, i do smart shit i don't need rap to feel smart. there's a whole segment of rap fans that get their daily intellectualism from the music they listen to and to me i'd feel corny if i did that. i'd rather read wikipedia.


Girbaud Shuttle Jeans
Dec 10, 2006
Where you get his mixtapes from gas? I just download his songs I like from youtube, him using all those variations of his name is making it hard to track down his tapes for free download.
Apr 28, 2003
i been tryna put yall up on riff raff a few months ago no one was listening though. was puttin people up in the kreyshawn thread, now v nasty n kreyshawn fuckin with him.....riff raff is hard as fuck. he do muysic with my boy trap and they got an duo album dropping.

'dropped my spite, playin excitebike, smokin indo, bout to break a window, riff raff more colorful than a taco bell menu'

dude is creative as fuck on the low with his lines

u might catch me in a riff raff vid one day

dont forget 'bring da rice out' oro thats his theme song lol
Will you be showcasing your tap dancing or shoe shine skills?

You being sarcastic about the guy being dope right? That guy is a joke.
Feb 8, 2004
Riff is hella entertaining...his drunkin pill induced freestyles are funny and his spit for metaphors from the dome is on point.Guess when you practice something all the time you will eventually gain some skills.....Nobody talkin bout Bill Brasky...WTF......How yall gonna talk about this man and not a word bout Bill Brasky.....



Raider Nation
Feb 21, 2005
ayo4yayo, why do you keep naming random ass rappers that have absolutely nothing to do with this conversation? that shit is weird.

and im sensin a little butt hurt out of you? ive already expressed the reasons i like riff raff as an artist. a entire page. i went as far as explaining texas history. that should be enoug to explain my outlook. what type of faggot ass shit is you sayin 'you probably on his nuts because your boys doing an album with him' when i DETAILED why i think hes tight? them doing a group album dosent mean shit. hes entertaining to me. supporting my boy is supporting trap davis...not riff raff, whom i dont know.

its easy to understand, the music you love is completely opposite of the music and style riff raff is making. why would you like it? youre into space rap.

i wouldnt expect someone who listened to restiform bodies to like fat pat.

its obvious you take rap too serious, if youre constantly name dropping rappers inf a riff raff thread, ...for no other reason to say 'this is what i listen to, hey look at me i listen to lyrically skilled rappers and im gonna name them so you know how elite my music collection is!"and taking your 'opinion' to a back and forth on the net... and youre going as far to read the comments on his youtube videos...and why the hell would i read his youtube comments? lmao. you really mean that? i dont care on a level like that...thats some dork shit....i can form my own opinion on his music, but i wouldnt waste time in my life reading youtube comments. i dont look at what other people say to form my opinion. its all me. so youtube responses mean none when it comes to what im entertained by and what im not.

PS: I fell asleep, standing up, at a slug show at the knitting factory in LA. i caught myself halfway about to fall on the floor and balanced my arm on a table....kept nodding off so i went to the car and slept. in my 31 years ive NEVER fell asleep in public, not even in class, slugs show was the only place that put me to sleep in public, standing up. see, my opinion? slug is wack as fuck, and his core fan base are girls. see how that works? i think something you like is wack, you think something i like is wack. its not a big deal. its not so big of a deal you gotta call people wiggers, say im 'on his nuts' and post in multiple threads about the guy.

who cares posting repeatedly in here because i like his shit...not because i want to argue about it or express how much trash something is for hours on a saturday...if i dont like something i dont even be in the thread talkin about move on.....

so lets agree to disagree...i fuck with it and you dont....everything will be okay. i dont have to like what you like, vice versa, and niether one of us are the boss of what a individual finds playable/interesting or not.

so like it or dont. ima still slap it. the world dont end w your opinion.

oh yeah and grouch is the homies cousin. i fuck with grouch. but rather listen to pinky (the porn star) rap...
I hella feel this post right here. I can admit I used to take rap music too serio, but I'm trying not to anymore. I mean as far as riff raff, from what I've heard its ok, but I probably won't go out of my way to listen to it. With that being said I'm not gonna knock someone else if they like that shit, we all got opinions, can't we agree to disagree. It's dumb to argue about something so subjective.

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
niggas who listen to onra usually not listenin to Riff Raff... #JUSTAYINTHO
out of all fairness, lol i only know one onra song... "my comet' i got it from fatman...outside of that song i dont know who onra sleeping though and i do plan on catching up on that but i been on some other shit since lil b broke my cd player