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Sep 10, 2009
"i swear to god 2012 gone be my fuckin year tho" - locksmith

when he said that line in '11 (think it was on I Am Lock) i was hoping he wasn't bullshitting. i knew he got the talent but he's never been consistent with releases as he always had shit pushed back. all i can say now is this dude gass'n every track he been on and he been droppin' new shit left and right. this the type of artist i can copp an album from and won't be wondering how many good tracks im gonna get for my money cus the whole album gone be fire. lockmith, young gully, hd and ampichino the only artists that consistently stay on my ipod whenever i'm updating that shit with new music... others just get put on and took off. support this man peeps!
Jul 4, 2011
Make no mistake: Locksmith is a TRUE MC. We are fortunate to have someone like him represent the bay. Unlike all these corny rappers who fabricate an alter ego, Locksmith actually deserves support. He should be getting the shine and attention instead of all these whack rappers we keep in our mouths.
Lock is one of many dope MCs in the Bay who don't get enough respect. If you fuck with Lock you should also fuck with A-1, Moe Green, GQ, Daveed Diggs, etc.