Lil Sicx 2019 Interview

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Mar 14, 2018
Deer hunter was never finished. People act like there's a complete album laying around and I'm holding it back lol. That's not the case. But that's all I'ma say atm.
Let us hear the old shit from Sicx, shit I’d even pay some skrill just to hear the raw unfinished version of deer hunter & I’m sure others will too!
Even the Sicx track off uthanizm shit i been wanting that for years! At least release that track as like a teaser of whats to come?


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Apr 9, 2019
any chances of collabing with Hyst? i think your styles might be able to mesh
Definitely possible. I know most of the old school Siccmade Madesicc black market people in person from childhood. Or recently from social media since I started rapping.
So those types of features are gonna come naturally when the time is right.