Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

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My local record store in Sac didn't have Hard copies of the Return of the Floheakin yet. So yesterday I Bumped all through the projects: Blue Venom - Slangin' & Bangin' 2 and Sac it up and Serve it, those are all solid T-Nutty albums. That track BodySlammin' off of Sac it up was tearing up my Subs but it was so worth it. Much respect to T-Nutty Nutt, I will always buy your music no questions asked. Keep them coming, Fucc mozzy fake Gangsta's.
Dec 5, 2005
hurts my heart to say it but the flowmaster mouth may be done! This album wasn't it at all! I thought for sure he finally listened to his devoted fans and went back to the flowheaken recipe but he didn't at all! production was lacking that nuttfactor slap and gas flow! The features were horrible, I think having Cardo Got Wings produce the whole project maybe the last resort to spark life back into his career! Shit ill even take some beats from reece locc!


No Flexxin No Fakin
Apr 1, 2003
I definitely loved "Hard for Me". Thought that was one of T-Nutty's best songs period. Can't remember much of the rest of it. I think I posted about it on here though, I'm gonna find the thread lol...

That song is fire. I put that right up there with "My Babies".....the type of songs id play for ppl who say all ppl rap about is guns drugs n bitches
Sep 5, 2013
Damn everyone sounds like they ain’t fuckin with this. Is it that bad? Better or worse than Blue Venom? Blue venom was nowhere near last of the flowheakinz or flowmastermouth, but it had a few slaps. I’ll have to give this a play and see what’s really good....
Apr 25, 2002
I wanted to like this album, I really did, But most of the beats just do not fit T-Nutty. He needs to take notes from that Twin Evil 2 album. Nutter butter sets the album up for failure. That track is dope but the rest is wack besides "Dirty" and thats cause its got same producer who does most of Reece Locs beats on that slap!
Sep 3, 2002