Kaepernick National Anthem Protest

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Aug 15, 2003
I Like Blaintent Wisdom That So Many Should Speak? Shall We Forget The Book Title Tells The Whole Story? I Will One Time Open My Doors To Reveal The Grand Ball Room And All It's Guests.

Wisdom Tells Us A Bunch Of Things, And Knowledge What Kind Of Things They Are. If I Say I Was Smart, I May Use Them Own Things Against Me, Because I Can't Get To Know How To Use My Own Tongue Sometimes. But Dwelling Inside Of Me Is Like A Wind That Twirls A Million Thoughts Into One And Spirit Inside Also Guiding Them To Come Out Right.

I Want All Of Us To Have A Preacher Or Leader Where We Can Go To Listen Regularly More And Use The Time We Normally Speak To Build A Better World From What We Have Learned From It. I Know Speaking To People Is Kind Hearted But When You Build Better Hospitals, Schools, Energy Plants, It's A Better Place That Never Insults When It's Not Speaking As Often.
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Apr 25, 2002
The coddling blinded him. Nessa woke him up. I'm all for it no matter the source. Not kneeling for the anthem ain't gonna cut it though imo.
Colin grew up in a pretty conservative area. not necessarily a well off all white city, but not really urban either. Nessa is ol' girl from MTV. i dont know of her other than MTV but i think they grew up different.