Jacka - All Over Me behind the scenes video footage

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Nov 2, 2002
i hope the video isnt only club settings, because that shit will just blend into BET and MTV and wont get noticed
Aug 25, 2005
I see what you're saying.....but for this type of a song...that pretty much the only setting that makes sense.
naw...there's always room for creativity.

kinda disappointed it's gonna be a club setting...coulda done something similar with any other similar setting...block party, any social event...but the club shit is played out

love the song though, can't wait for the album
Apr 5, 2005
I hope its not just a club scene. I want to see a little story line to it. U know like meet a bitch, take a bitch out, hoes jockin, maybe even a scene in the malll or downtown SF and yada yada and yada.

I hope ya got rid of the fat hoes too.
Oct 19, 2004
could put in a sideshow or too ya feel me?! but its dopeee cant wait for that new jack
NO more sideshows please! They're one of the most played out things in Bay culture. Everyone already knows that we started it, mastered it, do it all the time etc... Plus nobody cares anymore. It's time for some fresh, new and creative images of Bay culture. We cant continue to do the same things forever. We have to evolve like every other region.

I hope there's more to it and its not just another typical video. Either way im gonna support it. Good luck to jacka no matter how the video comes out.


it looks like it's gonna be good he just better hurry up and put it out...how long ago did they start playing that on the radio? i gues the rest of the country hasn't really heard it yet tho