Is ATL - Uncle Sam's Curse a classic?

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Feb 22, 2011
One of the best from the 90,s I still play the shit out of it specially black superman I don't think songs could be any better than that, anybody that Eazy E gave is stamp usually was tha shit
Dec 25, 2003
ABOVE THE LAW IS PERHAPS ONE OF THE GREATEST WEST COAST RAP GROUPS WHO WILL NEVER GET ANY CREDIT & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS THEY DESERVE!!!!!! The average rap fan rather be on dre, snoop, game or cubes nuts just to hear sum spare liteweight g-funk not knowin a single clue that they are indeed the originators of the LA g-funk but Dre jacked all the credit & all that led to not just them but almost everyone on the west coast losin respect & hatin on dre cuz ITS TRUE!!! ATL are the true defintion of the LA g-funk; their the godfathers of the sound & its sad that a snoop/dre fan is too brainwashed to hear 100% reel west coast funk cuz all the fake bullshit & new shit theyre being put on is suckin their minds outta them... I only know a selective few who love ATL while everyone else rather be on Dre's/Aftermath's wagon... Stupid isnt it folks??? Yeah Uncle Sam's Curse is my top fav but all of theyre albums they dropped are also classics; theyre perhaps the only few who will stay makin the music that truly identified them & never switch their style & sound cuz I know they fuckin hate the industry & the dickriders who follow it...... ABOVE THE LAW FOREVER!!!!!!
May 3, 2002
This is definietely a true CLASSIC not just West Coast, but just plain CLASSIC. This was when rap was at it's peak...not too many features and artists just giving their best, too bad Ruthless took a shit after this when Eazy passed but this is the type of album like the Chronic that can be bumped at any given time, never outdated!!!
Jan 16, 2006
I consider it a classic...sick ass album...

I heard one of them fools beat Ice Cube's punk ass for dissing the 909/Pomona. He thought they were weak cause he was from LA and they were from Pomona.
May 11, 2002
I would rate "Uncle Sam's Curse" in my top 5 albums of all times.

It is a classic from start to finish.

I also would put Kokane's "Funk Upon A Rhyme" up there too. They both are perfect from start to finish.

ATL never has disappointed me with any of their releases. All of them have a different vibe to them too.
Apr 25, 2002
I hate how we get music these days. I go to the only decent couple of cd stores left and they don't have any ATL shit so I check iTunes and they don't really have shit I want. I guess amazon is on the takeover and I gotta go there.
Jun 10, 2002
I got lucky a few years back and found a copy of uncle sams curse at the pawn shop for 2 bucks should have held onto it but I traded it for some bullshit. Kinda regret it now considering that people are willing to pay top dollar for a copy of it
Dec 25, 2003
On a bigger note; fye in downtown Dago had a copy not too long ago for only $22!! Not bad of a price for an outta print classic & I even told my closest coworkers who are still fiendin for sum rare funky g-sh!t that it was in stock & sum cared to thank me for the heads up!! til shortly after I went back to the store to buy more cds & checked the under atl & it was swooped!! Whoever bought it I'll give the person so much props cuz he knows enuff that album is an old school classic all the way thru & atl fuckin always rule by droppin nuttin but top-notch g-funk bangers w/o hardly any weak tracks!!! Wish their were more rappers like them droppin nothin but classics with different vibes but thats now becoming ever so inrceasingly rare these days; Im lookin at like there are almost no individuals out there with passion to quality tastes in every aspect all throughout... Im talkin about in people in general not just musicians... Tragically those type of people; males & females are nearly extinct smh......


Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
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Living Like Hustlers, Black Mafia Life, Uncle Sams Curse, Time Will Reveal and Legends are all classic albums to me. Cold 187um's production from 96-98 was so fucking dope. I love that eerie, mellow g-funk sound, to me it is the aural manifestation of southern California. Reminds me of driving down to Venice Beach in the summer after hitting Roscoes for breakfast...