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May 4, 2005
been bumping a lot of Ras G from Brainfeeder lately. dude is super dope

Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 1-3 Collection

Raw Fruit
01 – Raw Fruit
02 – BuzzLightYear
03 – HouseParty 1 (vhs bootleg version)
04 – Bell Beez Record
05 – Agaveman
06 – All Out Fuck It
07 – Cosmic Bingi Riddim
08 – Oi 21
09 – News @ 11
10 – Pad Thai (no fish sauce pls)
11 – Been a Min…
12 – Exile Ray-d-o
13 – Dumb Down
14 – Yuumshit
15 – Late Night Hype…Outro

Raw Fruit Vol. 2

01 – GMO Hoes
02 – Los Angeles Remix
03 – Hyksos Invaders (Sp 303)
04 – PullOut!!!! (MPC 2000 XL)
05 – SuperBad!!!!! (MPC 2000 XL)
06 – HowCanBESeeeee (Sp 303)
07 – Big Booty Ahtay (MPC 2000 XL)
08 – Altered States (Sp 404)
09 – Wreka Sto… (MPC 200XL)
10 – Spooky Shit… (MPC 2000 XL)
11 – Veggie Thugs Anthem (Sp 404)
12 – Marvin Got The Trees (interlude) (garageband)
13 – Dynamite Smoke… (MPC 2000 XL)
14 – Money (MPC 2000 XL)
15 – Oju Ntru (Sp 303)

Raw Fruit Vol. 3
01 – Hear U (MPC 2000XL)
02 – Wulu Riddim (MPC 2000XL)
03 – 2 Kushy (MPC 2000XL)
04 – Rawk’n (Sp 303)
05 – Foreign Language (Sp 303)
06 – Keep It Crev feat. Giovanni Marks (MPC 2000XL)
07 – Tomita Kush (MPC 2000XL)
08 – Rap Life Interlude (Sp 303)
09 – Lovin… (MPC 2000XL)
10 – T.V. Party (Sp 404)
11 – Fa Shiro (MPC 2000XL)
12 – G iz Us 7 (MPC 2000XL)
13 – Walk With Me feat. KhaILL Sadiq (Sp 303)
14 – Ice… (Sp 404)
15 – Spaceship on Cruise Control (MPX 2000XL)
16 – Bruce Leroy Glow feat. KoreaTownOddity
17 – South Central Matrix (Demo) feat. KhaILL Sadiq!gJxW1bIY!QB5ouF...KXZSOnh3OlLTDU
Apr 5, 2003
If your into collecting hip hop instrumental/beat tapes I would say a must have is:

MF Doom - Special Herbs Vol. 0-9

Some other stuff I'd recommend are:

Clutchy Hopkins albums (walking backwards, story teller, clutch of the tiger, etc.)
Dibia$e albums
Evidence albums (red tape, green tape, etc.)
Alchemist albums
Molemen albums
Knxwledge albums (he got a new beat tape comin out on 5/5/15 under Stones Throw)
Kno albums (excrementals)
Gramatik albums
Elaquent albums
Blazo albums
BadBadNotGood albums
Tom Caruana albums
El Michels Affair albums

Hope someone enjoys some of these like I have!


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May 4, 2005
Jul 26, 2014
Gensu Dean – Algorhythms (Instrumentals)

Producer Gensu Dean has been quiet for a minute after his collaborative album with Planet Asia (Abrasions) and then his production work for 7evenThirty (The Problem). As summer starts he wanted to let his fans know where he’s been musically by offering up an all new instrumental album for free. The 25 track record is meant to be a warm up to the new material Dean has coming late in 2015 and early in 2016.

For those new to Gensu Dean, the analog producer has worked with some of the industry’s greats including Large Professor, David Banner, Planet Asia, Brand Nubian and more. He gets the nod of approval on “Algorhythms” introduction from legendary Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.), DJ Joc Max, and DJ Spinna.
Here’s what Gensu Dean had to say about the project:
“I’ve been dealing with some “life challenges”. Things on a personal level have been super tough, like the passing of my father. The good thing is I have been able to draw up the energy, whether positive or negative and re-direct it when creating. This I am really excited about, the good, the bad, and the ugly has taken me to a new place creatively. Once I was able to get to a better place mentally, I started going through my record collection and listening…really listening. Its amazing how your frame of mind can hinder, but in my case enable, a person to hear things that were once not heard. This was the catalyst for me entering a new chamber of production.
Algorhythms is a musical journey type of record. It has several music moods that take you places. Its not your average kick, snare, and hi hat type of instrumental record. Its geared more toward experiencing a musical collage. It has been my career position that when you create music and that music creates a mood, it sticks with people, it becomes relatable. So I wanted to capture several moods, and express them in musical form. This enables the listener to join in and share the listening experience, based on a mood or emotion they can identify with. This is one of my many formulas when creating, hence the title. Algorithms are formulas used to address problems and/or issues that require a solution, I apply this in a music format. I altered the spelling to reflect the fact that it is musical rhythms and grooves.”
Apr 5, 2003
Check out

The Alchemist - Israeli Salad (2015)

This is my favorite instrumental album to drop so far this year.
Hell, it might be my favorite album this year (vocals or not).

Here's some info on it:

Originally a batch of beats conceived in 2011 after the Alchemist returned home from a trip to Israel with a bag of records he gathered from numerous small stores and outdoor flea markets, Israeli Salad was initially set to be released as an instrumental project immediately but as beats from it were used on various projects and albums, the end result wound up sitting in a folder unfinished as a work in progress.

Last year, inspired by another trip to Israel, the Alchemist decided it was finally time for the project to see the light of day, hooking up with Unga of Haifa’s Broken Fingaz crew for the cover art.


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May 4, 2005
Yeah I posted it when it leaked in The Alchemist thread. To answer your question (which you could've asked there or here):

Alchemist - Russian Roullete (all Russian samples, only about half instrumental)
Madlib - Rock Konducta 1 & 2 (all rock/krautrock samples)
Sid Roams - Budapest Synth Orchestra (all prog rock/synth samples)
Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment (Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, Italian psych/funk samples)
Oh No - Dr. No's Ethiopium (Ethiopian funk/jazz/soul/psychadelic rock samples)


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
Nuttkase @Nuttkase to thread
Never noticed this @ or maybe I just ignored it because it was from Al. I'll go through my folders over the next few days and come up with some of my faves of the past few years that haven't been mentioned yet and post them up in here.... hopefully. I always say I'll do shit like that and then get sidetracked and forget.

Some solid suggestions in here and I vouch for both that Erick Ark Eliott tape and anything Knxwledge puts out.