immortal technique

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Feb 2, 2009
He did put out an album with DJ Greenlantern last year called "THE 3RD WORLD".
Shit was tight. At the end of the c.d. Greenlantern said, "REVOLUTIONARY VOL. 3 COMIN' SOON." I don't think havin' a black president will matter with him. The government is still fucked up and just 'cuz he's black doesn't mean Technique wont have anything to say. I'm not sure what song it's on but Tech said, "We may have a black president but he's useless, 'cuz he does not control the economy stupid!"
So yeah, the world is still fucked up and the U.S. government is still fuckin' up... He'll have plenty to talk about.
May 13, 2002
LOL @ thinking immortal technique will stop criticizing the president because he's half black. Obama is sending more and more troops to afghanistan, the iraq war continues, the economy is in complete shit while the big corporations are getting bailouts while the working class is getting the shit end of the stick yet gain, obama is borrowing trillions of dollars from china, etc. And immortal technique is suddenly not going to have anything to rap about???? lmao

"I don't look at a few token Latinos and black people in the public eye as some type of achievement for my people as a whole. Most of those successful individuals are sell-outs and house Negros."

So in conclusion, I'm not gonna vote for anybody just 'cause they black or Latino they have to truly represent the community and represent what's good for all of us proletariat."


Mar 20, 2008
I agree there's plenty of shit for him to talk about and obviously he's creative as fuck. So I really can't wait for the revolutionary vol. 3