I'm MR. THE DE and I'm starving for attention!

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May 8, 2002
Its 2012!(almost) Time to get your affairs in order and get on the right team!(Team Jacob) The devil will test you, make the right choice!(anal sex is not sodomy) Your life depends on it!(Not really) The Lord has sent Tim Tebow to separate good and evil.(from the constraints of choosing Sunday football over going to church) Believe!(that I am a faggot) Discredit and you will suffer!(from late fees for not paying your bills) Jesus is coming to take His reign on this world this year!(says the Mayan's) He will reign this Earth for 1,000 glorious years!(I know nothing about The Bible) Be on the right team when He arrives.(Team Jacob) Let your heart and soul be your guide.(Huey Lewis and The News said it best) Im bettin on you!(to tell the police I've broken my Chuck E. Cheese franchise injunction)
Jan 16, 2007
Tim Tebow is such a shit quarterback making a song about is about as pathetic as skip thinking he's the greatest NFL player of all time
Nov 7, 2006
He's just attention whoring because he got his heart shattered by a 17 year old girl. It's pathetic what this guy will do for attention, first trying to start some racist shit and now jumping on the Tim Tebow bandwagon.