I'm From Vallejo! But the Bay won't feel me and My topic a spit about

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Dec 3, 2004
u already know i'm one of ya biggest fans and supporters, the video n song are great. i hope that things are going good for u, cz i can see all those things in the vid happening, n i hope yr road to recovery is fast n healthy. i personally thank u for your years of service n sacrifice. u are so fuckin dope to me n i support everything u do homie

Ghost Dance

America's Nightmare
Nov 1, 2007
Oak Park...916
i liked ur video and the beat ur voice i dislike , real soldier ? if so much respect
I agree the only thing I disliked about the song is your voice...other than that track was clean...not my exact style of music I like but i can dig it...

Also on some real shit I would like to thank you for your service to our country...even if I dont agree with the reasons why we went to war I still got much respect for what our soldies is out there doing...hope everything works out for ya folks...respect