i met tito ortiz

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May 13, 2002
Oh ya, Kimo goes to my gym.
He wears the exact same shoes as I do, and whoever I tried to brag to totally didn't give a shit.

I met Kimbo Slice in Vegas. Before he started MMA.
Kimo used to live and train up here in WA way back before the dana white days. Actually those days were the shit, I used to love ordering those PPV's. I think Kimo used to come out with a giant wooden cross on his back haha
May 6, 2002
I met Topanga (Daniel Fischel) at my gym.
Went back and googled her likes and dislikes (ie-favorite foods, types of movies, etc.).
Then went back to the gym on the same weekday at the same time for a good 2 months and she never came back. I had our long life together planned out and everything.

Dec 25, 2003
I met Chuck Liddell waitin for a taxi outside of Gary Danko's in SF.

Reminded me of when I met George Clinton.

Lights was on, but nobodys home.

It was like talkin to Anna Nicole Smith's ghost. Dude got blapped one too many times.

I dont know how the fuck he does TV or interviews. For real. He must be on some speed to be able to be cogent and shit. Dude almost forgot what his first name was.

Seriously, on some Muhammad Ali shit.