I jus got caught with half a pound.

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Feb 11, 2006
Doin 45 in a 35 i was pulled over by a Stater.

He smelled the pot as soon as he walked up on the car.

Ofcoarse i said i didnt have any. So he said he was gunna call the dogs.

Well im sitting in the car waiting on him n letting my girl know n my boy 2 bail me out.

He than proceeds 2 wave his hand in a come over here motion.
So I get out the car n he waves me 2 the passenger side,he looks up n sais tell me bout yrself...i proceeded 2 tell him how i was a buisness owner ect. n proceeded 2 call his bluff bout the dog til it got there.

I have a nice car and he knew it..so he says you dont want that dog tearin up yr shit.
I know you got pot cuz i can smell it...unlees its 50 Pounds and it better not be than i'm not going 2 take you 2 jail.
Well the dog was already there so i was fucked.

I said yup I got less than a pound in the trunk.

He sais well im not goin 2 take you 2 jail and infact im not even goin 2 impound your car...i looked up at him in amazement.

He said ya know the stuff wwill be legal in 2 years anywways...i said ya i guess u can have up 2 an ouce in California..he sais why go 2 California when Canadas right here.
He than asks why I dont just have my card?
I tell him that I'm fit as a fiddle and that i didnt wanna lie cuz i didnt know if I could even get it.
He sais theyre practically handing them out so take advantage.

He takes my 10 zips.gives me a ticket 4 no insurance n told me have a nice day...even gave me a piece a gum while i told him bout by buisness.

I can't fucking believe i'm not in jail right now.

And i just got 2 kick it with Brotha Lynch nite b4 last...2010 lookin pretty gr8.
Jun 5, 2004
I'm amazed this hasnt been moved to the classics forum yet. I wish red dragon would make a guest appearence. Like one of those 'where are they now' shows, and he can tell us about hustling up another four figures and all the rappers he's bought smokes for in the past four years.
Props, i was just wondering the other day who was it that said "im on the verge of stacking 4 figures..." Hahahaha what thread was that from?

I also would like to find the post where Red Dragon randomly called me a snitch, and i asked what the fuck he was talking about and he said it was because i snitched on my car...

Lmfao but yea i agree that this thread should be classic too, red dragon is still good for some old fashioned laugh-at-not-with comedy
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