I Hope Lynch Reads This

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May 6, 2002
im listenin to Season Of The Sicc right now, and man, like every beat on this cd is HARD...im kinda just wondering, is it too hard to come with the same style beats as this? like is it impossible they just cant do it? or do they feel like using this style is in the past and they needa do something new? this cd is hard and almost everyone i know its one of their favs. shit go with something that works...i duno, i like lbi so i cant complain i think its tight, but still it just makes me think whats so hard about recreating a sound that you have seemed to have mastered back in the day...

All Out HOGG

I wouldn't complain if he made a CD filled with beats like The Corpse That Came 2 Dinner off the now eat soundtrack...That would be RAW
Aug 7, 2002
lynch aint gon listen to yaw'll...shyt if i was lynch i'd put some 3 or 4 loaded beatz on it fo yall whinin azz kidz den put da shyt i wanna put in....aint gon be no mo season of da siccness beat fellas thats over you will neva hear no shit like dat again...lynch aint trynna stay undaground da whole time....
Jan 16, 2003
it seems like lynch was jus in tha zone for season & loaded, beat wise, he will always be in tha zone wit lyrics in my opinion, but i think he fell out tha beat zone. Since he was fresh back in that era a new artist ready to make money. It seems that through all tha bullshit Lynch would be MORE hungry then ever an SHOULD be producing tha siccest beats ever known but i guess hes not.
Sep 17, 2002
i liked tha beats, all of em was tite in my opinion...24 deep sos and loaded was klassiks and some of my favorite cd's, but i wouldn't have wanted his new shit ta sound like that..i like tha new sound, i want him ta keep shit tha way it is now...ta me LBI is his best cd and a klassik already...perfekt balance of sikk shit and real shit