HBK Gang- IAMSU!, P-Lo, Sage The Gemini, K00l John

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Sicc OG
Jun 8, 2010
What are your thoughts on them? i know they are not everyones cup of tea considering this is a gangsta rap forum but, i see alot of posts about "who is gonna save the bay" "who is the next in line to shine". Seems to me these guys were able to capitalize on the hyphy movement demise and still make hyphy music without labeling it hyphy. Iamsu is actually a dope lyricist and the other guys on the camp can actually hold their own as well although they are not as talented. Sage just went platinum with Gas Pedal, although that doesnt really mean he put out a great song necessarily, just means he was able to put something together with the right formula. What are your thoughts on them and, do you think they should collab with other bay area rappers who arent in the "spotlight" yet, or even older rappers who are "past their prime".

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
Hbk cj and kool john got some clean jams on the thizzler bay reports..
I was just watchin the swerve video wit my wife last nite..them dudes are on right now.
Also red nose went gold and even tho I think he sounds annoying sage got the female audience on lock