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Sep 17, 2007

01. INTRO Prod. by Akazie
02. BUST THAT HEAT (Rukus) Prod. by Akazie
03. HIGHLY RESPECT (Rukus) Prod. by Illaze
04. BELIEVE THAT (Akazie) Prod. by Akazie
05. STACK THAT BANK (Akazie-Rukus-Gordo) Prod. by Illaze
06. FUCK MAINSTREAM (Rukus-Akazie) Prod. by Illaze
07. IT GETZ DEEP (Rukus-Akazie-Gordo) Prod. by Illaze
08. LISTEN (Gordo) Prod. by Akazie
09. DARKSIDE (Akazie) Prod. by Akazie
10. DISRESPECT (Rukus) Prod. by Illaze
11. OUTRO Prod. by Akazie

Feb 11, 2010
Im Down To Trade Any Cd You Guys Want.

These Are All The Cds I Got..

FOLDER 114% Game
FOLDER 114% Gangsta The Mixtape Vol.2
FOLDER 114% Gangsta Vol. 1
FOLDER 11550 Rapz
FOLDER 17 Reasons
FOLDER 18 With A Thizz
FOLDER 2 Sides of the Game
FOLDER 408 Riderz Vol. 2
FOLDER 530 siccalation ii
FOLDER 559 Affilianoz
FOLDER A Day In the Life of a Hustlinaire
FOLDER A Gift Before I'm Gone
FOLDER Addicted 2 Tha Streets
FOLDER Addicted 2 This Thug Shit
FOLDER Around Our Way
FOLDER Balled out
FOLDER Balled out-Hardhood Classics
FOLDER Banned Gang Stories
FOLDER Barrio Love 1996
FOLDER Blockmade
FOLDER Blood Sweat And Years
FOLDER Cali Thuggin'
FOLDER California Bear
FOLDER California Gold
FOLDER California Massacre
FOLDER Cant See Faded
FOLDER Central Committee Vol. 1
FOLDER Central Valley Livin'
FOLDER Childhood
FOLDER City Mob Status
FOLDER City Of Sharks
FOLDER Coco Shack
FOLDER Connected Inc Compilation Vol. 1
FOLDER Dear Satan
FOLDER Death B4 Dishoner
FOLDER Demonz in My Sleep
FOLDER Demonz-N-My Sleep-Remastered
FOLDER Devils Advocate
FOLDER Dirty Water Struggles
FOLDER Don Thangs
FOLDER Down By The Bowl
FOLDER Drankin Dankin N Booty Spankin
FOLDER East County Gamers Vol. 4- With Northern Cut Throats
FOLDER El Presidente Del Juego Inaugural Speech Vol. 1
FOLDER Evil Nitemare
FOLDER Family Bizznezz
FOLDER Family Dinero Y El Poder
FOLDER Felony Consequences
FOLDER Flamed Up
FOLDER Flamed Up Mixtape Vol. 1
FOLDER Floetry N Motion
FOLDER Floetry N Motion [Underground]
FOLDER From The Ground Up
FOLDER Funk On Sight
FOLDER Gang Stories
FOLDER Gangbanger
FOLDER Ghetto Ballin
FOLDER Ghetto Graduite Vol. 1
FOLDER Gillateen Muzik
FOLDER Goin For Broke Tha All Or Nothin
FOLDER Greatest Hits Good Times Bad Times
FOLDER Half Baked Mixtape
FOLDER Hated By Many Loved By Few
FOLDER Hogg Status
FOLDER Hood Money
FOLDER Hoodlum
FOLDER Hoodstarz
FOLDER Hot On The Streets
FOLDER I See...Therefore I Say
FOLDER Inked Up N Banged Out
FOLDER Jealousy Will Never Cease
FOLDER Jimmy Roses
FOLDER Just Another Day
FOLDER Keep N It Real
FOLDER Killa Valley Moment Of Impakt
FOLDER Kriminal-Ready_4_Eternity-2004-RAGEMP3
FOLDER Life Of Crime
FOLDER Life Stories Volume 1
FOLDER Lifestyles of The Broke and Scandalous
FOLDER Lifez The Pitz
FOLDER Lil Raider - The Best Of
FOLDER Liquor Store Slaps
FOLDER Livin' What Was Written
FOLDER Lock, Stock N 2 Smokin' Micz
FOLDER Loot- Scrapen N Grinden
FOLDER Making Moves
FOLDER Mama Tried
FOLDER Merceless
FOLDER Mi Vida Loca X4
FOLDER Mind Of A Porosvillan
FOLDER Mission's Most Hated
FOLDER MP3 Singles
FOLDER My Nastee Habits
FOLDER Nasty North 2
FOLDER Norte 4 Life
FOLDER Nortecalifaholic
FOLDER Nortelation Vol 1
FOLDER North Pole
FOLDER North Pole 2
FOLDER North Pole 2009-The Saga Continues
FOLDER North Side Story
FOLDER Northern Cali Grinders
FOLDER Northern Cali Stomp
FOLDER Northern Calis Most Wanted
FOLDER Northern Expozure 2 (Unreleased_Single)
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 1
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 2
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 4
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 5
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 6
FOLDER Northern Expozure Volume 7
FOLDER Northern Livin Vol. 2- World Class Game
FOLDER Northern Warriors
FOLDER On Some Real
FOLDER On The Rise
FOLDER One 4 Tha Homiez
FOLDER Out Here Grinden
FOLDER Out The Bay
FOLDER Out To Get Even
FOLDER Penitentiary Chances
FOLDER Pimpin, Hustlin, Gangsta, Mob Shit
FOLDER Pirate Music Vol.1
FOLDER Pistoleros
FOLDER Poor Side Of Town
FOLDER Por Vida 2009
FOLDER Portraits Of A Gangster
FOLDER Ready 4 Business
FOLDER Ready 4 Eternity
FOLDER Ready For Whatever
FOLDER Recognition - The Take Notice Album
FOLDER Red Ragz Purple Treez N Green Money
FOLDER Return of the Livin Vets
FOLDER Revenge Is Sweet But Not Great
FOLDER Rootz Of All Evil
FOLDER Salad Bowl Gangsta
FOLDER Sav It Out Vol. 1- The Biznezz
FOLDER Sav It Out Vol. 2 Street Starz N Block Monstaz
FOLDER Scarz N Stripez
FOLDER Scrapen n Grindin
FOLDER Season Vetz
FOLDER Sleepy Santino- Northern Lyfestyle
FOLDER Sly Slick N Wicked
FOLDER Smashin'
FOLDER Smile Now Cry Later
FOLDER Starz The Limit
FOLDER Still Cali Thuggin'
FOLDER Stop Snitchin
FOLDER Straight From The Heart
FOLDER Strong Army Vol. 1
FOLDER Tell Me How You Feel
FOLDER Tha Mixtape
FOLDER Tha Nasty North
FOLDER Tha Stop Snitchin Mixtape
FOLDER The Chubalation Vol. 1
FOLDER The Cliquelation
FOLDER The Cliquelation Vol. 2
FOLDER The Code Of Silence
FOLDER The Hand I Was Dealt
FOLDER The Harvest
FOLDER The Hustlers Club Vol. 1
FOLDER The Last Laugh Is Mine
FOLDER The Lost Gangster Tracks
FOLDER The Network
FOLDER The Other Side Of Me
FOLDER The Right To Remain Violent
FOLDER The Silver And Black Album
FOLDER The Strangulation IV- All Banged Out
FOLDER The Time Is Now
FOLDER The World Is A Ghetto
FOLDER They Fear Me
FOLDER They Predicted Id Be Dead Or In Prison
FOLDER Thizzed Out CD 1
FOLDER Thizzed Out CD 2
FOLDER Thug Poet
FOLDER Till Death Do Us Part
FOLDER Time Is Money
FOLDER Trunk Muzic
FOLDER Tulare County Nortenos
FOLDER Unstoppable
FOLDER Valley Thuggin
FOLDER Villinz Getting Money- Money Power Respect The Mixtape
FOLDER Violence Solves Everything
FOLDER Voices In My Head
FOLDER What The Game Is Missing
FOLDER XIV Till Eternity
FOLDER Ya'll Know Me
FOLDER Yoc Influenced
FOLDER Young And Hyphy
Mar 29, 2010

1. Block 2 Block

2. Bang Hard

X. West Bay Nortenos

4. We Stay Riding (ft.young droopy)

5. Red Ragz Nikes N White T'z

6. We Go Loco(ft.Young C & Menace14TH

7. Da Backstreets (Young C)

8. We Live that Mob Life

9. Thug Shit(ft.Akazie,Tony Cardenas,Redeyez)

10. Deal Wit It (ft.Ono Loco& Shotgun Rob)

11. Fake Bitches

12. Ghetto Ballin (ft.Cali Kidd)

1X. Fuck scraps

14. Northern Anthem

15. Doing it Live

16. Life Goez On

17. Locked Up(ft.20)

18. Northsides Finest(ft.Maloso)

19. My Life

20. Natoma 2 Da Backstreets(ft.Young C & Menace14th)


Mar 29, 2010
Mr. Muerte Presents Nortelation Vol. 1

1. Doubters N Haters - N Speedy, Pistol Cee, Lil Roach

2. Take Percaution - N Speedy, Jeneral Lee

X. Swift Gees - N Speedy, Pistol Cee, Lil Man

4. Fo Tha Bay - N Speedy, Pistol Cee, Cuddie Cut

5. What You Want - N Speedy, Hennassy, Pistol Cee

6. How We Ride - Piistol Cee, N Speedy

7. Thug Shit - N Speedy, Chillblack, Pistol Cee

8. When It All Goes Down - Mr Kee, Pistol Cee, N Speedy

9. This Is Real Talk - Louie Loc, N Speedy, Pistol Cee

10. Flossin Wit Sty - N Speedy, Munip, Jereral Lee, Pistol Cee

11. Welcome 2 Da Warzone - speedy, pistol cee

12. Why - N Speedy, Lil Duce, Pistol Cee

1X. Aint No Get Backs - 187 Flat, Munip, Popeye, Exo

14. Go Outside - Pistol Cee, N Speedy

15. Misson On Da Map - Seanissy, Pistol Cee, Mousie

16. Bryant Block - Gangsta Droopy, Collicious, Pistol Cee