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Apr 23, 2006
your town has to suck pretty bad for that to make the news

and to call an expert down to anylize the scene

like how many fuckin years of school did he go to to decide that the dog can smell better than us
Jun 21, 2006
I work over in Walnut Creek and I was on lunch, eating outside Chipotle. I was sitting there eating a burrito, and out of nowhere these 2 pits without collars come sprinting down the sidewalk. They chased each other for a while, then the female ran off and the dude kept running around in circles not sure where she went. Then he started running in random stores, this furniture one twice, then he hit up starbucks and chipotle, pretty funny. Everyone was freaking out cuz they were big ass dogs, and didn't even have collars, prolly thought they were about to snatch their children right out of the stroller.

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
i was at the park and i guess my dog wasnt feeling this particular gardener so she wilded the fuck out, broke out of the leash somehow and took off after him....that nigga dropped his gardening shit and ran and screamed like a little girl all the way across the park in some wet ass grass and sprinklers...this was a 200 pound 40 year old man..i had to get him to calm the fuck down before my dog would even chill. he was frightened. dude has kept his distance since that day and sometimes wont even get out of his car.

another time my dog got loose and took off at this guy and his little dog....this mutha fucka threw his dog up in the air like some bullfighter red cloth shit...i was like man the dog wasnt gonna hurt your dog..he was all 'THATS WHAT THE LAST PERSON SAID' and i just started laughing at him for having a bitch dog and walked away

the way he threw his dog in the air coulda broke its neck or some shit..i guess lil' pablo has been having a rough life


Sicc OG
Feb 2, 2006
^wat kinda dog u got blood

ayyy that video kinda funny yall muh fuckas on siccness too much with that human dog character wtf who the fuck comes up with that shit