Ghostwriting a compilation?

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Jun 27, 2002
if someone were to approach you with an idea for an album....yet they were writing all the songs and just wanted you to do the verse thats already pre written...would you do it?

Say a verse from Rapper A is $500....if i want rapper A to simply record a verse already written...would it then only be $250?

Anyone heard of this being done before in bay rap?

For the rappers on the board mainly...would you do a song with a verse that wasnt written by you but was a solid verse?
Jul 20, 2002
StupidFace said:
I dunno, ask gillie... although he may say take zero and get shot
Gillie tha Kid wrote hella shit for Lil Wayne

My very first song I ever did back in 1993, I wrote my verse, then the older dude that was the leader of the group re-wrote it and used some of the stuff I previously wrote and had me spit it that way.
Jun 27, 2002
well from a rapper/artist perspective....?

would this be a project that you think some/most would be interested in? or would it be odd to rap someone elses shit that may/may not apply to your life?