Fuck taco bell

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Ike Turner

Jul 17, 2011
South San Jose
today is free dorito taco day at taco smell......LIKE I GIVE A FUCK! wtf am i gonna do with just 1 taco? i need about 10 of those sumbitches to get full. that is how they get you hooked. they give you a free B, let you have a taste, and tell you "please come again." the next thing you know, your addicted to tacos. Taco Bell will do you in like nino brown did pookie in "new jack city".
Jul 25, 2007
aint you see the taco bell owner at the giants game the other night? dude his hispanic, aint white. Aint you see the people who work at taco bell? they mexican.

taco bell is the mexicans white version of mexican
Yea but they dumbed down the almighty taco for the white mans taste buds and where I stay, the taco bell workers a bunch of hoodrats.