FUCK DJ MARK7 !!!!!!!!!

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Aug 4, 2005
I ain't get no comments on my Myspace either... and I had to make my sig move all by myself... Fuck Mark7... and all of his really tight sigs! Call up the Myspace Militia and the Socom Sicc Sargents...

Oh yeah... and we coming for ya dog too...

Red Ryda 916

Lakota Sioux
Jun 12, 2004
South Sac/Wounded Knee
SHEA said:
Mark7 was the cause of the Loma Prietta earthquake in 1989 & is also heald responsible for the 1976 massacre @ the Golden Dragon in SF- a retaliation by the Triads for Mark jacking them on a beat sample.

fuck him :)
What CAN'T he do....Look out chuck norris, you've got competition.

And now a random fact about Chuck Norris...
Chuck Norris requires only one roundhouse kick to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop.