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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
0R0 @0R0 I really like the song Cut by Bones where he is singing and damn nears sounds like some late 90s alt rock jam so I checked out the album Paid Programming it's from and it's actually pretty cool. Have you checked any of his other stuff and would recommend any of it? I'm pretty sure you were kinda ehh to his stuff too in one of our convos earlier this year but I swear I saw you post a thing or two by him since.
Apr 26, 2003
East Oakland, USA
Drinking whole chocolate milk out the container like a beast
I love drinking chocolate milk.

I start drinking and Im like "Fuck, chocoloate milk is so good, why don't I drink this all the time?"

Then I finish the whole bottle and 10 minutes later my stomach feels like death and Im like "WTF is wrong with me? Why did I drink all that?"

...but I always come back.