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Jul 7, 2009
Drinking a hard day away, our Tony has become a man. I feel like a proud dad.
lol I had to deal with some pretentious people at my park job.

These people who reserved a spot for a wedding came in holding their nose in the air with their passive aggressive display of importance. As soon as they stop by they ask me to shovel cow shit (not my job but did it out of courtesy since my supervisor who's responsible for that didn't want to do shit about it). As three women watch me shovel shit, they continuously tell me I'm missing spots and that it will attract flies. I explain that each of these spots couldn't be scraped by a shovel, in which I become the antagonist of a dream wedding. "Way to ruin the wedding", one woman says. So I scrape it up to get her to quit whining.

"What about yellow jackets? Get us some yellow jacket traps" I explain that there's some on the site, and that we don't carry them around. "Could you get more?" I tell her that I can garnette that she won't have to worry. I get the gas face along with some walkaway shit talking.

But wait, there's more. All of her guests give me a piece of paper saying "Ticket for so and so's wedding". I explain that whoever organized the wedding didn't arrange this with me and that they will have to pay $3 like everyone else. Some complied, most were coming at me with their torches and pitchforks saying they need to speak to my manager.