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Jan 29, 2005

In case don't want to waste time on link
I was reading some of the discussions about that last night. A lot of people are disputing Big John and the other ref Marc Goddard who agreed with Big John. People have a problem with Big John's answer, cause what he said isn't actually in the rule book, it's something that refs have just kind of rolled with, even though the rules don't say you're allowed to spike while defending a submission. It's a rough debate cause the finishes are so rare, there's only been like 11 slam KO's in UFC history and only a couple of those could have been seen as a spike.

Personally I think it's fucked up to say it's legal to try and paralyze somebody to defend a submission. You don't need to try and break somebody's neck to defend a kimura in sport.
May 7, 2013
Kawhi's game winner tonight might be one of the best game winners ever. Game 7, at home, buzzer beater, and the way it clanked back and forth across the rim for so long before going in. That shit was an all time great sports moment.

LOL watched the entire second half and didn't pay attention to the shot LOL maryjane
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Aug 22, 2003
Seattle, WA
math test in the morning.... ugh. im not prepared. my only hope is if it was as easy as that quiz was. but if theres any of those word problems that are all overly complicated and have those "gotcha" type elements then im fucked
I'm pretty sure I got 100%... I'll just have to wait until tomorrow and see. I can't tell if the quiz and test were easy, or if by doing all of the book exercises I'm so well practiced and prepared that it just seems easy in comparison.

The possibility of getting 100% in the class seems very real. Just need to keep it up. I'd be embarrassed if I didn't... this is stuff honors kids in high school are doing.