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May 4, 2002
What do you mean like all the workers didn't listen to him and just told him to fuck off? Lol
No he got promoted over me bc "a computer error" and management pulled me into the office to see how and why this happened.

he got the position and bragged about it in and outside of work.

I told him he was gonna get fired or demoted and he played his part until the end and then broke down like a bitch.
Props: BUTCHER 206
Jun 23, 2008
Gold Coast, Australia
Driving in snow is easy, just go slow especially if you have to turn or curve at all, never lock your brakes only pump them and add like 4x the normal distance you'd usually use to stop, never try to stop if youre going to hit something drive around it, don't change lanes on the freeway only drive in the tracks thatve already been made by other people otherwise you'll spin 360 degrees and be facing head on with traffic, etc
fuck that if its still snowing ill just stay the extra night and pay whatever it costs
Props: BUTCHER 206