First Degree The DE "Shlumpulicious!" shnippets on Amazon!

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Feb 19, 2006
Man you are so original and abstract, even a die hard fan like me is like whoa WTF is this! Lol but yeah after bumpin these snippets a few times, I'm hella feelin it, can't wait for it to drop! Morning suck had me straight dyin!!! LOL
Getting Shlumpulicious...

This week, Shlumpulicious will start popin up at your local record stores. Call them and make sure they ordered it.

Im just getting the CDs back. Stores will get um by Thurs. The fastest way to get Shlump is thru Orderin straight from the source thru Amazon!!

iTunes will have Shlump May 18th still.

Thanks for your patience. Shlumpulicious is worth the wait!