First Degree The D.E. is Super Exposed in "LISTEN UP, YA PEDO!"

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Dec 9, 2005
I'm bout to retire from this quality thread for the night but before I do ima leave yall with one more quote from Nikki, a lil food for thought if you will

roxygrl4321: any girl that would be interested in de is only in it to try and get something out of it because he's a rapper
HARRYHENNDINI: why you say that?
roxygrl4321: haha.. cuz its the truth

Ghost Dance

America's Nightmare
Nov 1, 2007
Oak Park...916
Aye Lynch...

So I read ya first post and its seems like you was sayin tech is throwin salt at you or somthin...did I read that wrong are was you just talkin bout DE???

Edit: Put my contacts on and re=read...yeah sounds like u and tech aint seeing eye to eye...or he just hating
To those that took part in this thread... thanks for contributing. If you have something of substance to say, join us at the youtube comment board.

It is time for us to be our best. God is here. The devil is here. Its time to pick a side.

Remember, your worth is counted in the love you give others. Your pennies are useless now. Lets be our best.

Do not let lies about me distract you from your mission of being a better person. What do I have to do with your self reflection? LOL at disrespecting me over a girl you also flirted with. When I MET her, she wasnt underage, I was single, but who cares?.\ Rest assured, all your underage lies are lies that only the small minded cracka would believe. Shes in the Street Monster DVD if youd like to take a look. Unless youve done for others, you dont matter anymore. I suppose if a glimpse into my 6 year ago flirting life spreads the word, so be it.

Your hate will be the fuel of this message. That was the plan God gave me.

God bless the strong minded white man. Its up to you. Its official, the worlds minority gots yo back and theres alot of us. The youtube video numbers are 70% like (strong minds), 30% dislike (crackas). There are more of us than them. You are free, strong minded white man. Black man, Asian, Latino, Native, you are also free.

This isnt just about me, Lynch, you, or anyone else. This is about every man on earth working with the flow of the universe, and being respectful and understanding towards all. God judgment day. He will ask you, "What have you done for others?" What will be your answer?

Good day all, be your best. Its judgment day

First Degree The D.E.
Not open for further replies.