FIRST DEGREE "Dont Be My Pleasure" Movie! ...from FAH COLLECTABLES!

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May 8, 2002
Itss heereeee!!

1. First Degree The D.E.
"Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E.'s Story"

20 years of most premier of slap! Fahrenheit Records presents the classic collection of Sactown's darkest, gangsta intellectual First Degree The D.E., at his finest! We have put together all The D.E's hit songs, from the beginning to now! Be part of the history of the 91Siccness! A three disc set!

Check out the "Dont Be My Pleasure" short film from "D.E's Story!"

The "Fahrenheit Collectables" series is a 7 albums set, classic collections of that Sactewt gangsta shiiit at its best! Heres a list of the albums...

1. Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E's Story (3 disc)
2. Fahrenheit Collectables, Brotha Lynch Hung, and First D.E.
3. Fahrenheit Collectables, Gangsta Collabs (Lynch, Mac Dre, B Legit, Andre Nickatina, Spice 1, Smoov-E, Be Gee, and more) (2 disc)
4. Fahrenheit Collectables, D.E. Melodies (2 disc)
5. Fahrenheit Collectables, Instrumania Series
6. Fahrenheit Collectables, First D.E. and P-Folk-A-Rama
7. Fahrenheit Collectables, Fahrenheit Underbelly Trilogy (comin soon)

For more info and covers, visit the Fahrenheit Records message board!
Oct 18, 2003
lol @ the look on phonk betas face like "wtf?" didn't understand the video till the very end. got the the ol chismoso thing though. good idea.


Sicc OG
Sep 12, 2002
i was just looking at the street monster dvd today. hadnt seen it in while.. i'll be getting the this new one after the blackelum dvd.
Feb 19, 2006
Schlumpu who?
Schlumpu what?

Look me in my face though....I did! And I didn't see no hair on ya head!

He didn't even know Mac Dre!

What does D.E. stand for anyway? Damn idiot??!!

HaHa! Yea the set is to get the next generation on The Mighty Fahrenheit Shlangz!...not the OG Sunz.

I think Ill pull out that Street Monster DVD too! Swoop that Blackulem DVD to keep it goin. However this vid is just a vid for "Fahrenheit Collectables DEs Story". Its not a a movie 45.

Thanks for peepin it yall!
Feb 19, 2006
Great video! The og sunz will understand every word, the new will wonder, where is this man from, and what is he thinking? I hope you make many more of your songs in to videos. You're a genius with every aspect of your music... rap, beats, singing, and lyrics. These videos are great, and I hope we see more soon!