File Some Claims, Get Up To $62.50

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No Flexxin No Fakin
Apr 1, 2003
My fault, didn't know it had already been posted. Just saw it on the news and thought I'd post it

No worries, I just asked because I feel like I signed up for that one already.

And the time it takes these to come varies. The quickest one I got was from Blue Diamond(?) it took like a month, while NB took what seemed like a year...I had given up hope.
Mar 1, 2006
PROPS to all the folks posting links in here. This is great fun indeed. the best way to go about it is to just submit and forget about it because it takes so long. so when it comes its like a surprise. Also you can double up if you work it right with 2 addys.
Did you or anybody in here use your same name in more than one address? I know it said you could have more than one person in a household in the madden lawsuit, I dont know about using your same name in multiple addys.
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May 3, 2002
I cashed in three yesterday that i've been sitting on, got like $ was the NB for $87, $10 milk one then a $7 one that I don't remember what it was from. I had another one that was $16, but the check passed the due date. Let's see how long this lasts before the entire nation jumps in and we get like $.50 for em.