File Some Claims, Get Up To $62.50

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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
I always felt guilty trying to do one of these.. I feel like im still payiing for all stealing I did as a kid.. but now that I don't smoke weed .. I got no morals
Put it this way, most, like probably close to 100%, of the lawsuits come from some sort of false advertisement, straight up lying to customers, or other gross negligence on the part of these multi million dollar companies. Now the ones that fall under the first two usually know they are doing so and will more than likely to be sued. They do it though because if you read through the lawsuits a lot of these products make 30,40,50+ million dollars and then the class settlement payouts are maybe 10-20 million, so they still win in the long run. Of course the bigger companies make a lot more and pay out more but it's still about the same breakdown percentage wise. So get a little piece of the pie for yourself man.


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May 4, 2005


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May 4, 2005
If some anonymous fucker was harassing my sister every day for a year and a half and I had a chance to make it stop and get cashed the fuck out legally, best believe I'm gonna do that.

I don't think there's anything about telemarketing in the code of the streets lol
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Feb 2, 2006
the do not call list dont mean shit. i think u gotta register every 60 days or like twice a year. thats bullshit. one registration should be enough for lifetime removal from the phone detabase. practically every business except maybe your doctors office spams your phone every day. fuckin robocalls be callin people at 3 am :fuckrobocalls: then it continues throught the day and night

Known exceptions

Placing one's number on the National Do Not Call Registry will stop most, but not all, unsolicited calls. The following are exceptions granted by existing laws and regulations - and these types of organizations can register with and can purchase telephone lists from the Do Not Call Registry [6]

  • The registry only applies to residential lines, not to business lines.[7]
  • A person may still receive calls from political organizations.
    • The organization Citizens for Civil Discourse has lobbied Congress to close this exception by developing a National Political Do Not Call Registry where voters can register their phone numbers and ask politicians to take the "Do Not Contact Pledge". Its database is not backed by the force of law and as of November 2008, only 3 politicians running for office signed the pledge.[8]
  • A person may still receive calls from not-for-profit organizations.[9]
  • A person may still receive calls from those conducting surveys.
  • A person may still receive calls from companies with which he or she has an existing business relationship for up to 18 months after his or her last purchase, payment, or delivery from it, unless person specifically asks the company not to call again.
  • A person may still receive calls from a company up to 31 days[10] after submitting an application or inquiry to that company, unless the company is specifically asked not to call.
  • A person may still receive calls from bill collectors (either primary creditors or collection agencies). These callers are, however, regulated by other laws, such as those limiting them to calling during "reasonable hours." Some creditors may not call debtors who file for bankruptcy protection.

so these spammers get to spam peoples phones even more

that being said:

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Jan 23, 2006
Rich City
extra regular swisher sweets, fuck anything else

they 2 for a dollar at the arco off cutting by my house. speaking of which I need to split me one