Female rappers in Dago

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Apr 21, 2006
@ Crhymes and Freaks I looked up some females in SD and yall got songs wit em or on the same label as them, why yall aint reppin them?

On another note, I don't hate on emcees/rappers I just ignore them if they garbage but Mc Flow is hot ass bullshit garbage! One of these rapper girls needs to step to her on some battle shit, it's 2008 and her sound is 80s and garbage for the 80s. All this passive shit is bullshit. Especially those on the underground scene.

Ima say Snowhite and Vision got the most potential right now. I really sat down and listened to both of them. the first time I heard snowhite I thought she sounded like Shawnna just not as lyrical. She's hella young though so her craft is gonna grow and she'll find her own voice. right now she got potential but she aint spittin yet. She got that flip style but she can't hang with Licwit, Treali Duece, Jayo, yukmouth, brotha lynch etc and the cats that flip. It sounds forced sometimes. She aint really fuckin wit words, and witty shit yet, but she's a baby and the more she writes the better she'll get.

Vision is hard to me because she has her own voice. I would put her in the same catagorie as Taboo and Princess Leah. They have been puttin it down on the underground scene for a while. Still I'm waitin for a hip hop female, backpack like yall say that catches me though, and makes me be like damn I want to see them do a song with Johaz it would be too much of a mismatch unless he dummied his shit down on some callabo shit and that aint cool as an emcee to have someone water they shit down to make it fit. If I had money to put into this shit and put a female out the only female that can "Dump", that I heard from Dago, as Licwit says on some gangsta and underground shit would be Neshelle "Shelly Manson".

I don't judge females by different standards than men though so to some of yall I'm bein too harsh. a female gotta spit and make everyone step up they A game on a song or get dusted just like a male emcee would. Then you the cream of the crop.