Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

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Apr 25, 2002
OMD's first album exitos was hard as fuck, followed by sungodsuns. both of them came hard. i was a huge blowed fan, used to go to good life cafe. if you didnt see the documentary 'this is the life' peep it out. beneath the surface slapped.

did you have fat jacks cater to the DJ? came out after beneath th surface. hard as fuck.
man i miss that music sometimes.

alot of them put out good music past their heyday but you ad to look for them really super hard.

not sure of awol ones ethnicity, but he was always dope.

if you can find xololanxinxos tape from a stolen car, grab it. its prolly dated now that its 2014 but at the time, was the shit.

i got put up on blowed when they first compilation dropped at the b-boy summit in san diego in like 1997. they had a lil booth. i remember someone from blowed (forgot who,mighta been ab) tried to buy the album from me because there was no more prints. i wouldnt let it go.

abstract rude shouted out my crew on his second album. we was hype lmao

2mex mighta been one of the top 3 chicano rappers ever. saying he was 1st would just be a fight. top 3 i cant deny based on his albums.
I remember Cater to the DJ, I never checked it out cuz I thought the cover was stupid... I had no idea any of those dudes were on it, lol, I figured it was breakbeats or something. I'll have to go back and check it out. It looks like there's a volume 2 as well.

I haven't seen This Is The Life but I've been wanting to, I missed it when it was on Hulu, it's only on Netflix if you have a DVD account and it ain't around to download anywhere. I heard it's hella good though. I might have to spring for the DVD, it would probably be worth it for the hour of old concert footage it's supposed to have.
May 4, 2002
Speaking of frost.. A homeboy of mine is that fools nephew, and hes a northerner also, lol. One time when the fam was visiting, they got into a convo about music my boy asked basically...what he had to say about all the people in northern cali that think hate because they feel like he turned his back on them. (Theyre both grown men just talkkng lol it wasnt like my boy was like tryin to punk him, but still heavy subject lol.)

And basically he said it was because thats where he actually became a man was LA... He said he was just a lil snotnose kid when he was living in northern cali, so thats why he reps the LA and dosent really mention norcal. Cuz idk if he was born there but frost is originally from windsor, in the north bay, and moved to la when he was 13.
funny you mention this bc ive heard stories from way back about frost living in windsor and getting punked all the time. ive heard it from older folks and from cousins but i thought it was just bullshit.


Sicc OG
Jun 14, 2005
In many respects this song is trash, but for whatever reason I'm drawn to the corny beat and dude's flow over it.