Favorite chicano/puerto rican/dominican/mexican/etc. rappers?

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Jun 5, 2004

Heres me and my gang's song, check out some GAnGSTA shit! Upstate Surenos por viva.

Heres me at the video shoot. Thats me on the left. (The )

The homie Chuc Noares on the left with the nunchucks, a famous martial artist in the art of Weak Pu To, and is a bluebelt in Surjitsu. He posts on the siccness as BASEDVATO....On the right is the homie Miklo..Yes, the real one from blood in blood who expanded our set from East Los... Throwin up that Vatos Locos Forever


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Aug 18, 2003
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Damn, how could I forget IT?! I guess it's because I think of him as more of an indigenous artist rather than what this thread title says. I guess he just recognizes his indigenous side more than most of these other mestizo artists. Born in Peru and raised in Harlem. He is in a league of his own IMO. Immortal Technique has been spittin' that real shit for a minute now. Lyrically, he is the best that fits the title of this thread, hands down. I love all of this music! Here is just one of them:


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Mar 30, 2013
mr. shadow, mr. criminal, cuban linx, big pun, fat joe when he on that grimy shit, kane and abel
Kane and Abel are pretty high on this list to me personally. They could spit.

Pun, Joe, and Cuban Linx were all legit

I thought the G-Fellaz cd had some of the dopest in a long time on a cd. Had some decent songs on there.

N2Deep even though I heard someone saying Jay Tee isn't even Mexican? He swears he is either way, he was one of my favorites for a long time.

Lil Los (wish this dude would've come out with an album of his own)

Baby Bash/Beesh had legit skills when he wasn't trying to make party music.

ALT was pretty underrated too.

All of y'alls favorite rapper diggidy

And Immortal Technique is far and away the best latino rapper out there IMO


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Jun 14, 2005
Drew aka Tokztero was my fav Mexican rapper in his heyday.

Wasn't Shadow Native American? Loved his features on pretty much everything he did. Poyo Loco was tight too.

Control Machete had some dope stuff. Check out this banger...