Fat people are immoral

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May 16, 2002
Jesus christ man 5'7 336 "range" what does that even mean? Are you so fucking fat that your scale has to guess your weight or something? Theres overweight, then there's morbidly obese, then there's you, you goddamned fat fuck. A healthy weight for 5'7 159-118 lbs. Just let that sink in. If you lost 50% of yourself seriously if you were split in half you'd still be fat. How the fuck did you get that big do you have any self respect at all? You need more than dieting dude you need bariatric surgery and a straight jacket to keep yourself from shoveling food into yourself. Fuck you man
I don't qualify for a gastric due to not having health issues. And I'm not paying for it out of pocket. Nor do I believe in trying to take short cuts just because society and racist fucks like you think it's the wrong to be. Many have died after having those type of surgeries. I've lost 56 pounds and still working at it. Not because I give a shit what society thinks, but for me, myself and my family. Fuck you very much.