Fast-Food workers

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Fast food $15 an hour wages

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 28.0%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 5 10.0%
  • No

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • Fuck No

    Votes: 28 56.0%

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Sicc Nortay
Feb 14, 2011
city of kings, California
God you people are morons.

First and foremost, no minimum wage job deserves a raise at all. If someone doesn't like the fact they get paid the smallest simplest allotment of money, they need to acquire a skill or trade worthy of more money. Minimum wage workers provide the minimum service to the community. "The company can afford it" is the stupidest possible reasoning in trying to justify why someone who can't get a burger order correct should then earn the same money as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Secondly; the problem isn't the amount of money anyone makes. The problem is the money you do make isn't worth dick. The idea that giving more valueless money to the masses that have never been taught how to save or effectively spend their money is extremely short-sighted. This paragraph could be a mile long, but if you're totally unaware the US dollar is worthless let me try to explain it shortly like this: Paper "money" is produced at just next to zero cost, and is being printed at endless amounts non-stop. What would you declare the value of something that is extremely cheap to produce and they make an infinite amount of? You could raise the minimum wage to $50/hour, all your doing is fighting a forest fire with a paper cup of water.

Lastly, raising the minimum wage will hurt more people than it would help. When you raise the operating cost of a business that money has to come from somewhere. Big companies aren't in the business of paying more and making less, the prices of shit will go up accordingly, or half the fuckers protesting will be replaced by a machine shortly thereafter. This also discourages hiring in small businesses. The small coffee shop that now employees 2 full time employees, and 3 part time employees facing the specter of their wages paid per hour increasing by $30/hour will have to let go that amount to offset that cost. So now instead of an owner and 5 employed people you have a shop operating with less help, and 2 new unemployed people. Good job.

I don't get how anyone thinks this is a good idea. I saw it happen just over a year ago at my last job. I (we) serviced the Jiffy Lube's in San Jose, they raised the minimum wage. Within a week of every employee celebrating signing off on their increase, they closed 3 locations. 3 shops worth of new unemployed, and decreased business to my company and every other company that provided a service to them. All that so a group of people with no skill beside unscrewing a bolt and draining oil can make more.

Nobody making minimum wage deserves a raise, our money is worthless anyway, raising the minimum wage will hurt more business's than it would help, you people are jackasses.
It all makes cents know
After them making my big mac hella good the last time
I say if they make a quality product pay them 15 an hour!
If they burn the food like they used to in the past.. they get a pay cut.
It's the only fair way, they have to earn that 15 dollars!
and no more making food with dirty hands.. or spiting in the food..!
ha ah aah haaaaaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaaa
ha haaaaa

Jan 31, 2008
I love how quick everyone is to come after the have-nots! Those fuckers deserve it... choosing to be born to a family low on the socioeconomic ladder and then having the audacity to have a problem with top 1% earning 2/3rd of the worlds wealth by 2030! HOW SELFISH THEY ARE!
May 7, 2013
2 br for $500 a month?

i live in the wrong state, $2200 2 br, 1 1/2 bath not including utilities.
Yes, it will not be in a great neighborhood/ building but they are available. One of my females lives in a hood 2BR apt with all utilities included and pays $800/mo. It's kinda crazy cuz in the late 90s-2001 I lived in hood 2BR apts and I paid $600-$660/mo w/ no utilities. Imo apt rentals on the low income side haven't changed much in Phoenix, but not ideal for raising children imo. I'm guessing you prob live in a decent spot though with kids (I lived in ghetto when mine were small and didn't bother me but too dangerous for them between drivebys, the pros, and the vice).