E-Mu Mk-6 Mo' Phatt

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Sicc OG
Jul 3, 2002

Anyone ever worked with one of these? If so tell me a little about the sounds that come with it? Are they set for certain styles? And a question for all them mr. know it all's about studio shit, Is this a good Synthasizer? And is it worth coppin'? ....

I'm one step away from gettin' it and I don't wan't to make a mistake and end up returning it....So to all the pro's Speak On It.


Sicc OG
Apr 26, 2002
I have the Pure phatt Expansion Card for my Proteus, there's some good sounds on there, Pretty nice sounding Drums and percussion. A lot of played out sounds, but you should tweak to make them your own anyways. If I didn't already have a Keyboard I probably would swoop one, I think it's a pretty good deal. It's basically the same thing as a Mo Phatt but with keys. If you can, you really should go to Guitar Center(Never, ever believe what the employees workin' there tell you, most don't seem to know shit about shit) or some other music store and just peep the sounds, tweak some settings, get a feel for it, and really think, would this provide me with what i'm gonna need for a while? It has expansion slots too, so you can always pick up some more new sounds, those are always a plus

LOL@mr. know it all's about studio shit