Do you still buy hard copies of albums?

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Do you still buy hard copies of albums?

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Apr 25, 2002
I only buy CDs. I'm too paranoid about downloading because I think I'll get a virus and my whole system will crash. But I'm also not that technologically literate.

I listen to CDs in the car, primarily when I'm driving locally. Then I load them onto ITunes and then onto my IPod Classic. It's such a convenient invention because if I go on a long road trip, I don't have to dig for 50 or so CDs, or if I go running, I don't have to carry around a CD walkman. I probably have over 2,000 CDs, too many to count.
Aug 26, 2002
Hard Times
I buy CD's of local or indie rappers to support them, same with if I'm at a show I'll buy a CD and/or record to support them. I'm not big on autographs, but I get stuff signed to my store and sometimes hang it on our wall to make people think we're cooler than we are. 90% of the music I listen to is through Spotify but at work we usually play records and cd's.

Mr G

Drunk Pot-Head
Apr 4, 2007
Las Vegas
I still buy hard copy Cds to support the artists Mr G @Mr G what's up with ur new album I need to get a CD from you when u print some.
For sure I'm gonna press 100 when it's done so I got u.
It's coming together exactly how I been envisioning it in my head.
I need just a few more recording sessions.. Me and the homie have demanding careers and he gots a family so it might not be done by this year.. plus it's a 6 hr drive to his pad but Thanks for asking breh