Do you believe in Global Warming?

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Do you believe in Global Warming?

  • Yes

    Votes: 26 57.8%
  • No

    Votes: 19 42.2%

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Apr 4, 2006
Dude, of course our climate changes, unfortunately what is a natural occurrence has been hijacked by a bunch of politicians and has been used as a weapon against us -- oh and they're almost exclusively democrats, progressives SJW idiots....

So yes, "climate change" exists - I mean we don't live in a static climate - but issues like this should not be politicized, not only that but I'm not scared of "global warming" - I mean people have been migrating for thousands of years because of "climate change" and now all of a sudden we have a bunch of morons running around acting like it's the end of the world - like in 10 years New York City will be under water - it's ridiculous... I mean I'll be 40 next month and they were spewing this nonsense when I was in high school 25 years ago, lol... "New York City will be under water if we don't allow government to dictate our lives"..... Funny how people don't remember that bullshit and the scare tactics these authoritarian assholes have been using to essentially dictate peoples behavior......And the craziest part is that there are people my age that literally believe this nonsense despite the fact that absolutely EVERY prediction made by these "climate alarmists" obviously have never come to fruition.... The whole AGW thing is nothing more than a damn cult or religion - just like "social justice"....

And don't get me wrong, I'm saying it's ok to pollute or litter or destroy our environment - but this alarmist nonsense is just hysteria.....

Look, just follow the money -- "climate change" has become it's own industry and those pushing this nonsense and scaring the snot bubbles out of people by yelling "the end is neigh" are making millions doing it - especially these fake sellout "scientists" that are being used as mouth pieces for the AGW movement... Yeah, those idiots are getting paid to spread AGW hysteria - and I'm not saying they get "paychecks" but they get government grants and epic donations to spew this nonsense that they damn well know isn't true..... And what makes me so angry about this issue and these scientists is that they damn well know they're being deceptive, they know they're lying but they do it anyway because the money is good.... Sorry but I'm a dude that stands on principle and no one could pay me enough to violate the principles I stand on - let alone terrorize a bunch of idiots....

So yes, "global warming" (it's really just climate change) does indeed exist - however it's existed since Earth has had a climate and that was roughly 3 billion years ago - so our climate has been evolving or changing - whatever term you want to use - for 3 billion years, lol -- and now it's an issue?

And check this out - back in the 70's the whole hysteria among the idiots of our society wasn't about "global warming" - it was actually "global cooling", lol....

IDK man, it just pisses me off how these politicians can take a totally natural event like climate change and weaponize it and people actually bought it and fell into lock-step with the whole concept........ I mean did these morons believe that our climate was "static" until us "evil" humans arrived???

Man I could go on forever about this issue and how absolutely ignorant some people are when they buy into this AGW climate change nonsense..... I mean they may as well freak the hell out when their children grow into adults - because it's essentially the same concept of climate change - or as I like to call it "Climate Evolution"....

Ok, I'll shut up now, lol.