Do I detect a little bit of Hatorade sippin with the moderators of this forum?

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Oct 22, 2009
What's really? Last time I checced, Music was universal. And for years artists on the West have complained how East and South cats get spins on our Coast but then we can't get the love bacc.
Well I'm from the NW, and got big love for my region and the entire West Coast. I post my link to my video on THIS FORUM to introduce some of yall who may be sleep to my labels work, and yall move it to the NW forum?!
I already post there. Everybody in the NW knows about a Boss!! Don't need no help there.
Furthermore my albums features cats from the 916 (Luni Coleone & Key Loom). My last album did too (C-Bo & T-Nutty) and the one before that (Ballin Ass Dame & Playa Shayne)
My newest album slaps and so does the video. So stop hating and let the 916 learn about a real ninja from up North!
Nov 25, 2004
far as i know seattle, tacoma and sacramento do alot of music together. if the person is relavent to the areas artists they should be able to do some branching out. mr dog definitely did some good tracks with sac and the bay.
Apr 5, 2006
Ain't nobody hatin on u homie, u gotta actually be doin something to get hate. But yeah sure u should be able to post your shit here, nobody gives a fuck except these internet squares, I'm with u on that. U should quit actin like a bitch tho, u prolly only get 15 views for ya shit anyway. Why not just figure out how to handle your shit, keep doin whatever it is u doin -- and keep bullshit like this off the board. The mods do what they do it's they shit.
Oct 27, 2008
IMO if you wanna post your music in this forum you should have stuck to posting youtube uploads of your tracks with c-bo, nutty, luni, & other 916 artists.. just to make things a little more relevant to those who dont know who you are. you can always include your myspace link & even a link to a thread of yours in the NW forum within that post, & possibly open up people to more NW music than just your own.

i'm juss sayin, i dont know who the fuck you are from your screenname, i had no idea you've worked with any of those artists--- & i'm sure the mods didnt either. so you gotta understand how it could look like spamming to those of us who dont know.