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However, knowing Kurupt, he already has plenty of other projects he's putting together, most notably the Kurupt & DJ Quik album "Blaqkout" (spelt qk for "Q"uik and "K"urupt). This album is shaping up to be one of the most promising to drop in the near future.

"Me and Quik is next with the Blaqkout. The album is real proper, we put our foot in on this one! We're about 90% done, about two more songs to do and Quik is already mixing the tracks. This is a step above a lot of things we've done lately, Kurupt explains.

"I told Quik that people don't want too much time to go by before another Quik album comes out. He's part of the history out here and they wanna hear him! He said fuck it, let's ride out! We did a few records and he was loving it, the chemistry was there. We're both rapping on the album and Quik did all the production." If that's not enough information to get the excitement up for "Blaqkout", then I don't know what is.

Apart from that, you can also expect the upcoming Dogg Pound album "100 Wayz", a Kurupt solo album called "Street Lights" entirely produced by Terrace Martin, and another Kurupt solo produced by Snoop Dogg. "Each of these are totally different albums, none of them sound the same. Each of them got its own concept", Kurupt described his various solo projects.
Aug 15, 2004
^^haha for real...kurupt will prolly screw this up for me "bitch fuck fuck fucking bitch bitches you fuck bitch shit fucking bitches"...
you forgot "fake ass bitches can swalla dippin in my blue impala muthafucka we can go head to head muthafucka thats on my life muthafucka daz and kurupt muthafucka naw i mean kurupt and quik muthafucka! bust cannons and shoot rockets muthafucka its young gotti muthafucka!" classic kurupt....
Jan 28, 2007
It sounds interesting! Maybe I'll check it out.

Sicc Dawg said:
this gonna sound like that radio song "you can work it" or whatever the fuck that was......I sure hope not.
Even though the song grew on me, I feel you on this.